Who We Are? G Medical Innovations - vision, company and team


G Medical Innovations is a next-generation mobile health (mHealth) and e-health company that develops and markets clinical and consumer medical-grade health monitoring solutions, and offers end-to-end support for e-health projects. With extensive experience in the field of digital health and project management, G Medical Innovations is committed to raising the global level of healthcare by empowering caregivers and patients to better monitor, manage and improve clinical and personal health outcomes.

Our Vision

G Medical Innovations is ushering in a new era of healthcare and wellness by utilizing its patented wireless technologies and proprietary information technology and service platforms to empower a new generation of consumers, patients and providers to improve quality of life.


The founders and executive leaders at G Medical Innovations offer a wealth of individual and collective expertise in developing best-in-class solutions, driving the success of commercial businesses including mergers, acquisitions, and IPs, and introducing over 40 regulatory-approved medical devices that address the growing global demand for mobile and digital health.

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